Italian-born and NYC-based, Daniela Rapisarda is an international and versatile artist with professional experience in the fields of dance, acting, singing, directing and choreography.
Self-taught at an early age, she painted on any medium using various techniques to then coming into the Accademia delle Belle Arti in Italy where she learns the history of art and dedicates herself to oil painting on canvas and ink on paper, taking inspiration by Greek- Roman mythology, Impressionism and Pop Art.
Her classic style become more colorful and fresh, after to some travels in Paris, New York, Miami, Tokyo, Seoul. Her appreciation of these cultures influenced her abstract creations on multiple surfaces and with various colors including acrylics, spray paints and markers.
She has developed a visual language of impact that reflects her creative view of the world.
She currently works in NYC dedicating herself to Digital Art, inspired by urban landscapes, textures and colors of the City.